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What is new in Tanganyika Lake

Ianuarie 2012

Lamprologus brevis sunspot Namansi

Shell dwellers remain popular and wild individuals are still available. Here, a recently imported Lamprologus brevis ‘sunspot’ collected at Namansi, Tanzania, so named by its characteristic mid body blotch.

Altolamprologus Compressiceps Coal Black

Imported several years ago from Zambia, but not exported since, Altolamprologus compressiceps ‘coal black’ is a dark black form of the popular species and has arrived again.

Tropheus moori Malasa

Not often imported, since nearby variants are usually caught instead, is the Tropheus moorii from Malasa Island, Tanzania. Note the dark red markings around the head area and the typical “rainbow” body markings along with a yellow dorsal fin.

Julidochromis marlieri Kasanga

Reportedly from south of Kasanga, Tanzania, Julidochromis marlieri has appeared in recent shipments. The color variety of this marlieri has more of a marbled pattern compared to the standard Burundi form. However the body size of the two wild varieties is comparable.

By Cichlid News Magazine

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