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What is new in Tanganyika Lake

Iulie 2011

Telmatochromis vittatus

Collected from south of Kipili, in Mkinga, Tanzania, Telmatochromis vittatus is an odd-ball lamprologine not often seen available from importers. Unusual cichlids like this are attractive to many Tanganyika collectors if only for the new breeding challenge.

Tropheus Chilanga red Nkamba

Several Tropheus varieties, especially the lesser known ones from Zambia, are in demand by those hobbyists who yearn for something a bit off the standard mark. Here T. moorii ‘Chilanga red’ reportedly from the Nkamba area, often assumes a darker red coloration.

Cyprichromis sp. leptosoma jumbo Moliro

From Moliro, Congo, Cyprichromis sp. ‘leptosoma jumbo’ has been available again. This fish is a jumbo type of leptosoma sporting a markedly yellow throat area as well as different colored dorsal fins and tails that are typical for these types. Photo by A. Konings.

Cyphotilapia frontosa Mikula

Several populations of dark blue varieties of Cyphotilapia frontosa exist in southern Congo. Many American hobbyists proclaim that the Moba location has the deepest blue fish. However the Mikula frontosa pictured here is now favored by some.

Octombrie 2011

Altolamprologus compresiceps Bulu Point

A new but secret collecting spot near Bulu Point, Tanzania has produced a nicely colored Altolamprologus compressiceps type. This one is overall yellowish with dabs of red in its unpaired fins.

Cyathopharinx foae Sibwesa

There is a fair demand for the featherfin types of late, although wild-caught fish rarely have any color by the time they reach importer’s tanks. Recently Cyathopharynx foae from Sibwesa (TZ) are available. Photo by A. Konings.

Petrochromis moshi orange

Demand for many of the Petrochromis species continues. One of the most sought after types is the species named ‘Moshi Orange’ from various places in central Tanzania.

Neolamprologus brichardi Kapampa

Several color varieties of Neolamprologus brichardi are known from different points around the lake. This variety was collected in southern Congo south of Kapampa.

By Cichlid News Magazine

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