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Noutati Aprilie 2013

 Ophthalmotilapia ventralis Ubwari

One of the recently exported species that has never really been sold regularly is the Ophthalmotilapia ventralis from northern Congo. Pictured here is this O. ventralis from the Ubwari Peninsula showing its typical blue coloration with a black streak in its mid-flank. Photo by A. Konings.

Petrochromis polydon red fin texas Ubwari

Previously exported in the 1990’s, Petrochromis polydon red fin texas from the Ubwari Peninsula, Congo has arrived again. This fish was sold in the past as Petrochromis sp. ‘red fin texas’, for its obvious bright red fins and its “Texas cichlid” facial striations.

Tropheus Dahabu

Also exported years ago fairly regularly from Tanzania but not again for over a decade, Tropheus Dahabu sporting its yellow cheek markings. Related to the red cheeked Tropheus from Mpimbwe, this yellow cheeked variety never gains the red cheek markings that its more famous cousin does.

Tropheus moorii Isinga

South of Wapembwe, this new color variety of Tropheus moorii is from Isinga, Tanzania (not Isanga, Zambia!). The newly exported Tropheus has a bluish dorsal fin with overall yellow rainbow body markings, along with a mid-body yellow botch at times.

By Laif Demason

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