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What is new in Tanganyika Lake

Iulie 2012


Cyprichromis zonatus Zambia

After an absence for some years, Cyprichromis zonatus has again been collected and exported from Zambia. Formerly known as ‘Zebra Leptosoma’, this fish was a favorite among hobbyists years ago. Photo by A. Konings.

Simochromis babaulti Zambia

Spurred by the popularity of wild-caught Tropheus, importers have begun requesting its cousins, members of the genus Simochromis. Here S. babaulti; adults have been collected, along with sister species, in Zambia.

Petrochromis  famula Katete

Specialty hobbyists that are fans of Petrochromis species have turned to P. famula variants. P. famula from Katete, Zambia, sports a yellowish dorsal fin and strongly contrasting bars when charged up. Photo by A. Konings.

Neolamprologus prochilus

An odd fish rarely encountered in any numbers in the lake, Neolamprologus prochilus is a smallish fish with a large trap-door mouth. While not especially colorful, the challenge would be to breed this miniature predator.

By Cichlid News Magazine

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