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Noutati Iulie 2013

1. Cyprichromis sp. ‘yellow jumbo’

One of the newly re-imported fish was formerly known as Cyprichromis sp. ‘yellow jumbo’. This cichlid has now been described as C. coloratus. This large ‘cyp’ can be a four full inches or more as a wild individual. A real beauty that needs several weeks in an aquarium to show its full colors best. Photo by A. Konings.      

2. Tropheus  moorii Kachese

I sometimes order Tropheus ‘Golden Kazumbe’ from Zambian collectors. They usually arrive looking like what I used to call T. moorii Kachese, a somewhat orangey rainbow type. Recently we received some that look a bit different, pictured here. This could be a distinct form, likely caught east of Cape Kachese, but west of Nsumbu. The exact collection point is unknown.

3. Eretmodus sp. ‘north’ Cape Kabogo

Many of the Eretmodus sp. ‘north’ from collection points of Kigoma and southwards are orange or reddish in color. Recently imported, a group reportedly from Cape Kabogo, Tanzania is a bit redder than most. It is unknown whether this hue will fade in captivity or be enhanced with prepared foods with good carotene content.        

By Laif  Demason

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